Why Love The Scale?



Hi!  I am Shani, creator of Love The Scale!

When I tell you I have tried everything...I do mean everything.  

Except....no.  Nope.  Tried that too. 

I grew up weighing over 220 pounds.  And then I lost weight.  And gained it back.  And then I lost 75 pounds.  And then I became a bikini competitor....



And then an existing inflammatory eye disease I have went crazy and I was placed on a super high dose of Prednisone.  

Suddenly, the 75 pounds I lost turned into 60 pounds gained.  I went from celebrating my success and being granted a big-time athletic sponsorship, to being right back at the beginning of my transformation.

I was embarrassed and crushed.  

I went back to competition prep to lose the weight again.  I did early morning cardio, tracked calories, tracked macros and weighed and measured every bite of food.  Nothing worked and I became more and more obsessed with losing the weight.  Low-cals and high demand workouts kept me HUNGRY.  I couldn't deal with the hunger so I gave in, and chose bulimia, which I grappled with for almost three years.  

After years of battling bulimia, I discovered how my inflammation was triggered by my purging.  It was my crossroads - purge or lose my eyesight for good.  I went on a mission to heal.  Not only was it important that I heal the enormous amount of stress and sinking depression I was in, it was important that I heal my eyesight and heal my relationship with food.

Along the road to healing, I went legally blind.  I was angry, frustrated and hating everything about my body.  Many medications came, and went and my body changed a lot. 

Through learning how to cope, I learned how to love and accept myself.  I learned how to heal through contributing to others and I left life in the corporate world of NYC to pursue my passion in helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.  There were others going through what I went through, and I made it my mission to guide them through the journey.

Love The Scale is the result of both my life experience and years of experience working with people who have struggled with their weight on a very deep and very real level.  It's not another meal plan, it's not a macro tracking app, it's not a plan that will tell you what to eat.  Love The Scale is about creating the life you love by journeying down the path that leads you to that life.  It's about being free to enjoy the foods you love and discovering confidence and happiness, truly.

There's a life of food freedom and happiness that belongs to you.  I have made it my life's mission to guide you to that life.




Shani lives in Queens, New York with her boyfriend Eric and her cat, Baby Robots.  Shani is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Coach and a competitive powerlifter.  She spends much of her free time painting (acrylic on canvas - suchsweetcolor.com) and is currently working on an animated screenplay.  

Through proper medical treatment and stress management techniques, she has since regained full use of her right eye.   



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