About us


Shani is the founder and head coach/writer of Love The Scale.  She is a competitive powerlifter, a certified personal trainer and a certified nutrition coach (Precision Nutrition Level 2).  

Shani's been through a lot with her own transformation journey and draws tremendously from her own experience: being a 220 pound teenager, to losing 75 pounds to compete in bikini shows, to battling an immune disorder and battling an eating disorder - everything has contributed to her point of view, and that's to bring TRUTH and freedom to living a healthy lifestyle.  

Shani created Love The Scale to help people implement the key choices and habits that create health and fitness transformation.  Shani loves coaching people that there is no "right way" to approach crafting a healthy lifestyle and that true transformation begins with the mind.  She is proud to deliver knockout results to the people who work with her, not by providing meal plans and telling people what to do, but by guiding others to discover where they can empower themselves in order to achieve awesome results that last.

She'll teach you "how to fish."