I don't feel like tracking calories or other "stuff."  Will this journey work for me?

Tracking for the rest of your life is not realistic, and it can often be inconvenient and time consuming.  This journey will not require that you track calories or macronutrients.  Instead, this journey will teach you how to implement the types of daily habits and food choices that lead to permanent weight loss, without having to track calorie intake. 

If you do love to track, you’re more than welcomed to do so and we will provide guidance as to what calorie and macro ranges you can aim for depending on your goals.  Tracking has a place and may be imperative for athletes required to achieve very high level body composition goals, such as power, strength or physique athletes.  

How much weight will I lose during this journey?

The Level 1 journey is designed to fit your pace and your preferences.  While we cannot guarantee how much weight you will lose (since physiologically and genetically, we are all different) we can guarantee that you will develop the skills and habits that will help you to continue losing weight long after your journey ends.  A high level of lesson adherence as well as performing extra physical activity or regular exercise will definitely enhance your journey results.  You will be guided through how to choose exercise that is right for you, during this journey.

Can I start a journey if I have a personal trainer?

Yes, in fact, you will be encouraged to participate in physical activity during your journey.  We will help you identify activity that is sustainable and enjoyable for you.  Exercising during your journey will enhance your results and working with a good personal trainer may also help to accelerate your journey results.  If you need a referral for a great trainer in your area then do feel free to ask you coach, as we maintain a large referral network of kickass trainers. 


Are you going to make me give up sugar?

Your journey will emphasize love and appreciation for all food as well as what it can do for your body.  Forcing elimination of any particular food item, or type of food, is not conducive to achieving happy, long term results.  We also focus on identifying the factors that cause bingeing on certain types of food.  Often, intense sugar cravings can be a result of vitamin or mineral deficiencies, lack of hydration, boredom, sleep issues or stress (mental, physical or emotional).  We focus, instead, on where your cravings come from and help you to make better choices when faced with foods that are severely preventing you from reaching your weight loss and health goals.

How is this different from a diet?

Diets are often designed to be temporary and require you, in many instances, to have iron clad willpower when following the diet becomes "tough."  And when you're restricting calories, it's only a matter of time until your mental and physical energy takes a hit.  Diets are not always customized to your needs or preferences by the very nature that they are followed by hundreds, and sometimes thousands of other people.  Your journey is structured to help you follow and learn habits necessary for life-long weight loss.  We help you to build your support system so you can inspire others around you to make great lifestyle and health choices.  You will no longer be "the one on a diet."

I've dieted many times before.  How do I know this journey will actually be different?

If you're ready to transform your health through a structured curriculum while receiving detailed guidance from a personal coach, you will undoubtedly transform your life and your health through your journey.  We guarantee that.  But, if you join and miss your check-in calls, don't send your accountability check-ins and follow your habits only half of the time without asking your coach for support, this journey will not work well for you.  We are here to support you in making transformational results that last a lifetime.  Your journey is not a quick-fix "lose 10 pounds in a week" kind of thing.  We are committed to you never having to start over again, to lose the weight.

What if I start a journey and then decide that now is not the right time for me? 

You’ll have 7 days from the start date to request a full refund.  

Do you give meal plans?

We do not give meal plans. 

Can I pay you to make a meal plan for me?

No.  And it's not at all because we don't feel like making you one.  From years of working with people on their health journeys, we can tell you that the success rate of people following a meal plan is extremely low, for a few reasons.  Following a meal plan takes a tremendous amount of preparation: food prep and grocery shopping can add time constraints to an already busy schedule.  Meal plans often do not help you learn how to balance meals properly, meaning that when you're in situations when you cannot follow the plan (vacation, business travel, social events) you can be left feeling like you don't know what to do.  A plan means you're either ON the plan or OFF the plan.  We empower you to structure your life so you can make awesome choices whenever, and wherever you are - you know, for those times (called life) when you didn't have a plan.  

What if I have to travel during the journey?  Can we freeze my journey until I return?

Your journey won't stop if you will be away for travel.  You will still be expected to complete check-ins with your coach, as well as remain in communication so you can learn how to best approach living your journey while traveling.  We understand that check-ins may be hard while you're away but considering the journey is designed to help you achieve transformational lifestyle results, your coach will be more than willing to work with any time constraints that arise.  I mean, think about it: you eat when you travel...so why not know exactly how you can make awesome choices every time you're away!

If you do anticipate that time away will become burdensome for you to participate in a journey powerfully, we do ask that you wait for a 12 week period when you have more time to commit to your journey.  Deferment is also an option.  Be sure to ask your coach for details.

How much time is required of me each week for check-ins, calls and actually participating in a journey?

You’ll need about 2 hours a week for your Love The Scale journey:

- You’ll receive short, daily lessons and some lessons will request your participation

- You may have a daily accountability check-in which will take less than a minute to send 

- You and your personal coach will have a 30 minute weekly call (45 minutes for group calls)

- Time needed for completing habits and tasks related to the journey lessons averages one hour, or less, weekly

I don't know if I am ready to join yet.  How can I stay informed so I don't miss out on joining a journey as soon as I am ready?

Sign up for our newsletter to by clicking here!  We also love sharing inspiration for healthy living so follow us on Instagram: @lovethescale.  

How much does a journey cost?

Both the Level 1 and Level 2 (coming soon) journeys are $725.  The group journey is $675.

In order to do the Level 2 journey, you must complete the Level 1 journey with 75% or more lesson completion and approval from your coach.


I want the people in my workplace to do a program with me!

If you have a large group (more than 9 people) you would like to register, please click here to contact us about a Special Group Journey!  This option is preferred by workplaces seeking enriching team building opportunities that create happier, healthier and more vibrant employees.